Faces of Madewell: Susan

Susan’s wearing our Silk Spotlight Tee, Skinny Skinny Jeans & Whistlestop Platforms.

Name: Susan Cutty

Job: Runs the show at our Soho flagship

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Style Icon: Chloë Sevigny

Strangest food you’ve eaten: Goat neck

Most DVR’d show: I Survived (I’m prepared for so many situations now!)

Favorite color combo: I’m loving the bright orange that’s everywhere right now. Gorgeous with navy!

How do you take your coffee? Light with no sugar

Word that always makes you laugh: Brouhaha (ha!)

Top 5 current obsessions:

1) My bicycle (I’d marry it if I could)
2) The beach (you can find me at Rockaway when I’m not at Madewell)
3) Breakfast (I’m always on the hunt for a new breakfast joint)
4) Silk (dresses, shorts, shirts—if it’s silk, I gotta have it)
5) Thrifting! (I can’t resist vintage finds, especially jewelry)