Office Craze: Sippy Cups for Grown-Ups

by Kendall Meade (Madewell)

Real talk: I hate drinking water. To me, it’s a total snooze. Recently I spotted a few gals at the office with these plastic to-go cups practically glued to their hands and filled with—you guessed it—water. They looked so happy drinking this flavorless liquid, and I immediately wanted in. I spotted a cute red one on a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar with my niece and immediately started drinking water like a madwoman.

Fully hydrated for once in my life, I sang its praises at our Monday morning Web meeting (usually I’m sucking on my second coffee). By Friday, almost everyone at the meeting had one in various colors and designs. Someone described them as “sippy cups for adults,” and it’s totally true.

That’s us above, caught red-handed at this morning’s Web meeting.