We’re Obsessed

As you might imagine, we denim devotees flipped when we discovered this—and at our corner drugstore, no less. Somewhere between nail polish and press-on nails, Sally Hansen’s® special formula #230, “Skinny Jeans,” was obviously something we needed to investigate firsthand. (Get it?) Check out the experiment turned how-to guide that we made in celebration of this hidden gem.

STEP 1: Head to your local drugstore and search for #230.

STEP 2: Get to know your materials. You’ll have 16 peel-and-apply strips, a cuticle stick and a charming two-tone nail file. Use the last two as needed.

STEP 3: The strips come in various sizes to accommodate your variously sized nails. Hold them up to one and you’ll know which fits best.

STEP 4: Peel off the back of the strip for your pinky to start. Insider tip: Use the other half of the strip for the same finger on your opposite hand and you’ll have a ton left over at the end.

STEP 5: Finish up with the thumbs.

STEP 6: Gently pat down any long edges.

STEP 7: Smooth everything over with your nail file.

STEP 8: Voilà: denim nails (our intern Cece has a future in hand modeling, don’t you think?).