Faces of Madewell: Kyra

Kyra’s wearing our Shrunken Chambray Boyshirt, Striped Racer TankHigh Riser Jeans in eclipse wash and Canvas Boardwalk Brogues.

Name: Kyra Angeli Wendel

Job: Shopgirl at Madewell S.F.

Hometown: Kind of Las Vegas (born in Guam and moved around a lot)

Strangest food you’ve eaten: Grasshopper tacos

Favorite color combo: Black and brown

How do you take your coffee? From Blue Bottle with steamed soy!

Word that always makes you laugh: Spork

Weirdest compliment you’ve received: In fourth grade, I got an award for multitasking, of all things.

Something (almost) no one knows about you: I really, really, really missed bacon when I was vegan.

If you were an animal, what would you be? An elephant—who wouldn’t want to have a trunk?!