Weekend Haunt: The San Fran Flower Mart

by Emily Hsieh (S.F.)

Dahlias, now in season, are everywhere at the S.F. Flower Mart.

I kicked off a recent Saturday morning at San Francisco’s Wholesale Flower Mart, one of my all-time favorite places to go for inspiration. There’s an endless, ever-changing supply of beautiful things to look at, which means infinite possibilities when it comes to assembling bouquets. I’m especially psyched about my vegetable-themed haul this week (see below). The primary plant is purple cabbage, which is actually an old standby of mine—not only is it lush and cool-looking, it lasts a really long time, is inexpensive and doesn’t need much else to be striking. I paired it with two other flowers I stumbled upon and chose for their resemblance to broccoli and asparagus (and whose names I can’t recall). I ended up with enough to fill two vases—and all for less than $20.

Ah, I always feel deeply satisfied after playing florist.

My veggie-inspired bouquet.