Soundtrack to Your Disco Dreams: Midnight Magic

by Alisa Gould-Simon (L.A.)

I’ve been obsessed with the band Midnight Magic since my dear friend, bassist Andrew Raposo (left), invited me to an early show before any digital trace of the band could be found. Instantly infectious, MM creates the kind of disco-pop hits that are literally made for the dance floor. And at the center of this crew of insanely talented musicians is the lovely Tiffany Roth, who is all diva minus the attitude.

The L.A.-bred, now NYC-based crooner is half ’50s pinup, half Debbie Harry. With flair like you’ve never seen, Tiffany projects an utterly magnetic air, on and off stage. I recently picked her brain about fashion, film and the funky sound that Midnight Magic has so fantastically refined (see for yourself by listening to their hit, “Beam Me Up,” or downloading the free EP What the Eyes Can’t See). Check out what she had to say below…

Image source: Swan Moon

Your style idols: Sylvester, RuPaul, any leading lady in a Fassbinder film, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Grace Jones

Best concert you’ve ever been to: Sparks at the Henry Fonda Theatre in L.A. in 2004. Think disco opera with a fierce sense of humor and wit. (Highly recommended: the two albums produced by Giorgio Moroder, No. 1 in Heaven and Terminal Jive.)

Go-to album to lift your spirits: The Pleasure Principle (1979) by Gary Numan

In the fall, you’ll find me… begging anyone with a car to take me upstate to see the leaves turn!

Favorite film for style inspiration: Philadelphia Story (that Katharine Hepburn was so dang stylish!)

How would you describe Midnight Magic to someone who’s never heard it: Soul-psych-funk-disco horror-film soundtrack

Favorite back-to-school style: A reliable pair of saddle shoes—so timeless.