Faces of Madewell: Soseh

Soseh’s wearing our Silk Safari Shirtdress, Leather Sunset Sandals and Calf Hair Telegram Clutch.

Name: Soseh Keshishyan

Job: Accessories gal at Madewell L.A.

Hometown: Glendale, CA

Strangest food you’ve eaten: Turtle soup in New Orleans. (It was delicious.)

Favorite color combo: Gold and anything

Best celeb sighting: Sally Field—come on, it’s Gidget!

Word that always makes you laugh: “Sabotage,” but only when William Shatner says it.

Weirdest compliment you’ve received: “You look so much like your dad!” (My dad is the best, but it’s hard to think that I look like him considering he has a big, long beard.)

Something (almost) no one knows about you: My dream is to be in a musical—jazz hands, Cabaret, the whole nine yards.