Breaking News: Bethesda, MD, Gets a Madewell

Hey, Bethesda—you’ve got a brand-new Madewell, and it opens today at Montgomery Mall. We’re so pumped to be part of your world that we thought we’d go back to the history books and dig up a bunch of Bethesda firsts that (directly or, more likely, indirectly) led to today’s grand opening.

In 1862, the city of Bethesda got its first nickname, Darcy’s Store, thanks to prominent local shopkeeper, William E. Darcy.

In 1878, Bethesda had its first census, clocking in at a whopping 20 people.

In 1891, Bethesda got its first amusement park, which held performances by amazing-sounding acts like Professor Hampton’s dog circus and Wichita Jack’s Wild West show.

In 1968, Bethesda got its first fully enclosed, weather-proof shopping center, the Montgomery Mall.

And in 2011, that very mall got its first Madewell!

Sure, it’s no butterfly effect, but it still feels pretty meant to be, doesn’t it? Swing by and say hi.