What the Heck Is Glamping?

by Heather Summerville (Brooklyn)

via Chantal Hughes

My sister and I recently had the following conversation via text message (the preferred method of communication in my family).

Sis: Hey. Have you ever been camping?
Me: Sure. Remember the cabin at Lake Burton?
Sis: No. Like, in a tent.
Me: You mean, like, no-bathrooms camping? No way. Why?
Sis: Because I’m going this weekend with my boyfriend.
Me: Is he forcing you?
Sis: No. It’s fun.
Me: It doesn’t sound fun.
Sis: Maybe you should try glamping.
Me: What the heck is glamping?

Despite its unfortunate name (a hybrid of “glamorous” and “camping”), glamping, as it turns out, is the boutique hotel version of camping in a tent. So you have the prerequisite tent and, of course, a rustic setting, but there’s also a bed, a bathroom and, in some cases, a fully functioning kitchen. (This I can do.) There are entire sites dedicated to glamping, which apparently has turned into a global trend (see for yourself here and here).

The epitome of glamping: La Pomme Perdue, near Biarritz, France.

So here’s how I feel about this: Sleeping on the ground and going without a shower for an entire weekend? No, thanks. Sleeping in a room-size tent with a proper bed? Count me in. (I’ll even bring the s’mores.)

Tandara Luxury, Sydney: Camping can involved a bathroom like this? Sign me up.