As They Say In The Boy Scouts: Be Prepared

by Heather Summerville (Brooklyn)

So this summer, something happened in New York that hasn’t happened before in the decade that I’ve lived here: We had an earthquake. Somewhere between the panicked moments of figuring out it was, in fact, an earthquake and trying to remember what to do—Get in a doorway? Crawl under the table? Stop, drop and roll?—I realized just how ill-prepared I was for any sort of disaster. There wasn’t a spare battery, flashlight, Band-Aid or antiseptic spray to be found on the premises. (I know, Dad. I’m sorry.) 

So the very next day, I ordered this first aid kit (above), which, in the world of first aid kits, is by far the coolest, most no-nonsense option you’ll find. Plus, it doubles as a piece of functional art when hung on the wall. It was created by the folks of Best Made, whose entire body of work mixes old-school design elements with salt of the Earth values. (You might remember their hand-painted axes people went nuts for a few years back.) Did I really need a designer first aid kit? No. But am I prepared for the next adventure Mother Nature throws my way? Yes. And that’s all that really matters (right, Dad?).