In Praise of the Podcast

by Jessica Hodgson (Madewell)

My top three podcast series, each hilarious and enlightening in their own right.

It’s true, we have a gazillion ways to be stimulated in this day and age, but allow me to vouch for one of the more undervalued mediums: the podcast. In addition to a wide and wonderful variety of content, this audio gem goes places visual media can’t. (Walking the dog or taking a shower? Could be hard for you to effectively watch TV or read a book.) Also, the instant accessibility of podcasts makes them a very low-risk investment (read: they’re free). iTunes has thousands to choose from, so with a little digging, you’re bound to find something to keep you entertained. Here are three great podcasts I recommend adding to your list.

1. The Moth: An established literary fixture, this series is all about real stories from real people. Sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes silly, but always engaging.

2. Stuff You Should Know: Do you know how tickling works? Well, I do, thanks to SYSK. This lives in the education section, and while it may be fact heavy, it also brings the laughs.

3. The Complete Guide to Everything: Tim and Tom are basically two guys shooting the you-know-what, and the result is nothing short of hilarious. (Just beware of listening at work—you will laugh out loud.)