Faces of Madewell: Maddie

Maddie’s wearing our Spotdot Sweater, Shrunken Chambray Boyshirt, Midnight Pillar Skirt, Perfect Leather Belt and Letterwriter Pumps

Name: Madelyn Irwin

Job: Stylist at the Madewell Newbury Street store in Boston

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Favorite color combo: Bright neons with fall neutrals

Best clam chowder in town: From any North End street vendor

Word that always makes you laugh: Noodle

Weirdest compliment you’ve received: “When you die, I want your bottom eyelashes.”

Something (almost) no one knows about you: I’m horribly allergic to red onions.

If you were an animal, which would you be? A cat—that whole nine lives thing is too good to pass up.