Faces of Madewell: Ashley

Ashley’s wearing our Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend ShirtBarbour® International Classic Bedale Jacket and Salt & Pepper Slouch Pants.

Name: Ashley Townsend

Job: Visuals at the Madewell Seattle store

Hometown: I’m a military baby, so I grew up all over. (But Chicago always felt like home.)

Strangest food you’ve eaten: Balut (a partially fertilized duck egg)

Favorite color combo: Black and blue

Best cup of coffee in town: It’s a toss–up between Herkimer Coffee and Stumptown (both go well with a Macrina Morning Glory muffin).

Word that always makes you laugh: Bric-a-brac

Weirdest compliment you’ve received: “You have the personality of an alley cat.”

Something (almost) no one knows about you: I have always wanted to be a butcher.

If you were an animal, which would you be? My cat, Tiger—he has it made.