A Peek Inside The Exotic World of Artist Lindsey Carr

by Heather Summerville (Brooklyn)

One of my favorites: Simius Religiosus by Lindsey Carr

A few years back, I had an obsession with foxes. The sly little creature’s likeness started to take over my apartment (and even some of my wardrobe) until I eventually had to put the kibosh on any more fox-related buys—though I made an exception for this Hunt & Gather Storyteller Scarf. It was during this seek-and-purchase phase that I first came across (and instantly fell in love with) Scottish artist Lindsey Carr’s dreamy paintings. (You might have seen her piece The Fox Confessor, which has started popping up all over the place in the last year.) Carr recently finished a new series of works that are simply breathtaking. The series includes fewer fox sightings but a whole slew of exotic monkeys—which, thanks to Carr, might be my new favorite animal.

Find out more about Carr on her site or purchase prints of her work here and here.