The Band Interview We Couldn’t Resist: White Denim

by Kendall Meade (Madewell)

Here’s the band—wearing jeans, of course.

It was just too perfect, almost inevitable: We’re a denim brand, they have denim in their band name. They live in Austin, we have an Austin store. What I didn’t anticipate, though, was that I’d be totally obsessed with their latest record, D. And I definitely wasn’t the only one. Whenever I played it in the office, without fail, someone would say, “Who is this? I reeeeeally like it.” Every song has a different but likable vibe. Take their slow jam “Street Joy,” for example, which sounds one part Jeff Buckley and two parts The National. Oh, and the amazing prom-themed video doesn’t hurt.

Wait, there’s more! We had the chance to pick bass player Steve’s brain about his favorite spots in Austin, how many pairs of jeans he actually owns and how it is they got that band name.

Name: Steve Terebecki

What neighborhood do you live in? The French Quarter

Best coffee in town: I’m a sucker for Progress Coffee.

Favorite BBQ spot: I am a Ruby’s loyalist. (If time wasn’t an issue, though, Smitty’s or Franklin’s would get my vote.)

Best music venue: To play at, Antone’s. To see music at, Dirty Dog Bar.

Best place to get good vinyl: Waterloo, Cheapo’s, End of an Ear, Backspin!

Vintage shop of choice: Room Service Vintage

Favorite day-trip activity: Swimming in Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve

How many pairs of jeans do you own? 3 or 4

Current favorite song: The track “Cleo” by Benjamin Herman

How’d you get the band name? Well, we picked three band names: White Denim, Totally Revolution and Crazy Sexy Rainbow. We flipped a triangular piece of paper in the air and it landed with White Denim up.

White Denim is currently on tour with Manchester Orchestra, and you should totally catch a show if they’re headed your way.