Why I Should’ve Taken Grandma Up on Knitting Lessons

by Cristina Mueller (Berkeley)

Not your average steely bike rack: I spotted this newly knit guy just a few blocks from my house.

If you’ve started to notice that your neighborhood fixtures are suddenly changing colors, you’re not alone. The first time I stumbled upon that prettily knit bike rack above, I couldn’t help but smile—what a funny and wonderful idea. And then I immediately had to find out more. After a bit of Googling, I discovered one of the most amazing public art initiatives I’ve ever heard of.

Knitta Please, an international knit-graffiti movement, was started by ingenious textile artist Magda Sayeg in 2005 and has since taken off like wildfire. So much so that there’s actually a holiday (unofficial, of course) called International Yarn Bombing Day on June 12th. But I wouldn’t wait till next summer—if you’re a pro with a pair of knitting needles, get in on the action immediately! (Nonknitters like me will be content to sit back and admire.)

P.S. Want to see her in action? You’re in luck—here’s an amazing video of Magda yarn bombing Madewell Soho back in the day. Check out how she gives our store (and our jeans!) the knit treatment.