Alexa Chung’s Guide to Brilliant Gifts

She’s making a list and checking it twice…

We asked our favorite style icon what she’ll be giving this season. Check out what Madewell must-haves she chose. (P.S. Alexa designed that shimmery party dress above just for the holidays. Shop it now—before it’s gone.)

1. North Isles Sweater: Busy, cozy and cute—hey, this sweater’s just like you.

2. Crosshatch Thin Cuff: We all need that perfect touch of edgy glamour.

3. Matt Bernson® Artika Boots: Only boots like these could actually get you psyched for winter.

4. Cheetah-Print Mini Wallet: Let’s be real—most of our purses are already a jungle, so this only makes sense.

5. Flowerlace Shorts: These + a wooly sweater + tights = cold-weather adorable.

6. Llama Love Sweater: All you need is love—but we added some llamas too.

7. Jolie Belt: Honestly, what’s better than a festive little bow belt?