Brine Time: NYC’s International Pickle Day

by Michelle Villasenor (Madewell)

Long story short: I am a lover of all things pickled. My fridge is always stocked with multiple varieties—currently on tap are traditional kimchi, Rick’s Picks Smokra, Puckers Gourmet Dilly Sweet Pickles and some leftover brine that I always find a way to cook with. So as you might guess, all year I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of NYC’s annual International Pickle Day, hosted this year at the New Amsterdam Market.

You can see the pickle fanaticism in our eyes (especially mine, at far right).

An outdoor food bazaar packed with an enormous breadth of briny things, IPD is simply pickle heaven. I enjoyed my first peanut butter and pickle sandwich (PB&P), pickles soaked in honey mustard, beet-pickled eggs, rhubarb spreads and an amazing pepper jelly. The only thing missing was a good old-fashioned fried pickle. (I guess this Georgia native will have to go back down south for that.) On the bright side, the next New York pickle festival is already upon us, so mark your calendars for April 29, 2012.

1. At Brooklyn Cured, you can get your egg pickled the standard way (yellow) or in beet juice (pink).

2. Aforementioned eggs getting beet pickled. 

3. Real Pickles sauerkraut—so delicious. 

4. A tempting bucket of Guss’s pickled tomatoes.  

5. If you look really closely, this awesome award reads, “Presented to Stephen A. Leibowitz. #1 Pickleman Producing the #1 Pickle in America.”

6. The spread from Root Cellar Preserves. (I highly recommend their beets.)