Holiday How-To: Amazing D.I.Y. Ornaments by YES Gallery

In light of our ongoing Holiday How-To Parties, we asked some of the experts we’ll have on hand to spill their best seasonal secrets right here on our blog. Today, Andrew of Cincinnati’s YES Gallery walks us through the ABCs of making festive, handmade holiday decorations. (P.S. Cincinnatians, be sure to swing by Madewell Kenwood Towne Centre this Wednesday from 6–8pm to learn firsthand how to make your own, straight from the experts at YES.)

Wood Garland

Materials: reclaimed lumber, wire

Instructions: “This is a terrific low-cost holiday decoration for both indoor and outdoor use. Chop up old baseboards and moulding into different-sized pieces. Drill a quarter-inch pilot hole into each piece and thread a medium-gauge wire through each block. Tip: Wrap a strand of large-bulb Christmas lights around your finished wood garland for extra splendor.”

Molecular Ornaments (that’s C3H8O3 at left and H2O on the right)
Materials: oak, enamel, string
Instructions: “Build your favorite carboxylic acid this holiday season! Paint several wooden balls with enamel in the color of your choice. Once dry, drill one-quarter-inch hole halfway through each painted ball and join them with dowel pieces (two inches in length, one-quarter inch in diameter). You can use a mallet to secure the pieces together. Use a smaller drill bit (around 3/32”) to bore the hole for your string. P.S. They also make a great gift for your chemistry-loving friends.”

Stellated Octahedron Ornaments

Materials: folded paper, baker’s twine

Instructions: “Grab some old magazines or paper stock, choose a single square sheet of paper and fold using an origami pattern. You can also cluster a few of them as a decoration or use one as wrapping paper for a very tiny present.”