Wear This Movie: Best-Dressed Films of 2011

by Svetlana Legetic (D.C.)

Sure, everyone is all about end-of-year lists these days. But since we’re big on style with substance around these Tumblr parts, we figured a list of the best outfits we saw on the big screen in 2011 was in order. And just like the movies they spring from, there’s something for every mood.

The Rum Diary (dir. Bruce Robinson): Honestly, this movie is totally into style over substance, but Amber Heard is the perfect Mad Men-esque, leisurely lady on a midwinter getaway (you know, the one you’ve had your heart set on ever since the weather turned grey). Key components: snow white form-fitting dress with a bold lip and a cats-eye. Not for the shrinking violets out there, that’s for sure.

My Week With Marilyn (dir. Simon Curtis): A lot of ink has been spilled about Michelle Williams’s performance, but really, I’m going to go ahead and say the costume department is the real star here. Key components: blacks, greys and camels, snug sheath dresses, cinched waists and as many little cashmere cardigans as you can come up with. Add a smile, a spot of pastel and a well-(mis)placed curl and you’re set for life.

Beginners (dir. Mike Mills): This movie about a son whose father comes out of the closet at 75 is also very much about clothes as a visual cue: the purple sweater his dad wears when he first tells him, the colorful handkerchiefs that begin to pop up and, as the son himself falls in love, the disheveled, almost childlike looks we see his love interest wearing. Key components: chambray shirts, snug zip-up jackets, perfect jeans, a cute hat, oxford lace-ups and a burst of bird-of-paradise color here and there.

Like Crazy (dir. Drake Doremus): Ah, to be young, in love and so effortlessly stylish. Felicity Jones’s Anna pulls it all off immaculately with a look that is easily achievable yet unattainably innate (since, you know, real style comes from within). Key components: little floral ’90s grunge-inspired dresses, sailor shirts, high-waisted shorts and pants with tiny belts and just a dab of clear gloss to go with your pinched, rosy cheeks.

The Skin I Live In (dir. Pedro Almodóvar): She may not be wearing much, but we couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to do it than Elena Anaya’s rendition in this film about revenge. She spends most of the movie covered head to toe in a skin-colored bodysuit (and when she does emerge from it, she reveals a floral Dolce & Gabanna–inspired number that makes it all worth the wait). Key components: perfect tailoring, nimble fabrics and colors a determined woman wears (think bright reds and deep purples).

Restless (dir. Gus Van Sant): My year-end list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this movie. Read about it here.