Five Reasons To Love New Year’s Eve

by Jessica Hodgson (Madewell)

No joke, New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. Sure, I get the drawbacks: pressure to have the perfect night, looming resolutions you’re bound to break by the third week of January, no party actually seems like it’ll be fun enough. Here, a few reasons why I’ve got a soft spot for Dec. 31—date or no date.

1 – It’s the Perfect Excuse to Glitterbomb Myself
Aesthetically, NYE is the best holiday. There are no cheesy color combinations to conform to and, personally, I find it a great excuse to go nuts with the sparkle. I’ll start with this Golden Glitter Skirt as the perfect base to my glam bonanza. Additional shine may include (but is not limited to): glitter nail polish, a clutch with a mirror finish and a fancy headband fashioned from repurposed tinsel off the tree.

2 – Who Doesn’t Love Festive Beverages?
Call me a traditionalist, but NYE is a time for champagne. That being said, it never hurts to spice it up! This festive twist on the usual bubbly seems easy enough—and looks delicious, too.

3 – I’ll Happily Get Tagged in Facebook Pictures
New Year’s Eve is a time for friends, and you just know that someone will be capturing every second on Facebook or Instagram or whatever. So this year I’ll be all done up and prepared to face the inevitable via Refinery29’s tips on how to up your photogenic factor.

4 – A New Calendar Awaits
I always treat myself to a new calendar every year; this year I’m buying Atlanta-based artist Michelle Armas’s version. She signs each one, and since I’m a bit off from affording one of her originals, this is pretty darn close.

5 – Time To Play Musical Catch-Up
At the close of each year come the inevitable year-end “best-of” recaps. While many publications just list the top albums or singles of the year, Matthew at Fluxblog has made it impossibly easy to sift through the best of the best—and then download them right away.