Bloggers We Love Spill Their 2012 Resolutions

We asked some of our favorite voices in the blogosphere to share what’s on their ultimate to-do lists—their New Year’s resolutions. This awesome crew of pop-culture experts, design eagle eyes and discerning editors never ceases to inspire on a daily basis, so who knows? Maybe you’ll find a few more things to add to your own list.


1. Travel
I know it’s not a very unusual resolution. But I still need to escape my apartment more in 2012—and, thanks to Portlandia, I think I know where I’m headed first.
2. See more theater
I live in the Big Apple, yet I saw very few Broadway shows this year. Would it kill them to offer a bloggers’ discount?
3. Curb my Etsy habit.
That site is dangerous. And wonderful.
4. Stop watching so much Bravo
Next year I hope to banish the Real Housewives from my life forever.
5. Leave my phone alone
It kills me to think how much of the year I wasted by checking my stupid Gmail.
6. Wear false eyelashes
Have you seen Shelley Duvall in the movie Brewster McCloud? (If not, it’s worth a Google.) That’s what I’m aiming for.

Blog: JJJJound
1. Go to Moscow
2. Go to Stockholm
3. Go to Sydney
4. Go to Berlin
5. Go to Capri

Contributing Blogger: RACKED LA

1. Do yoga at least once a week
This is even easier than it sounds as four months ago I invested in Mandy Ingber’s “Yogalosophy” DVD. Now I need only 30 minutes of free time and a mat to complete a workout. Ingber is Jennifer Aniston’s personal yoga guru and as someone who is as obsessed with Aniston’s fitness routine as I am with her hair and clothes, I had to have her workout secrets.

2. Stop buying bottled water
Again, I’m softballing it here with the resolutions in the hopes of actually following through with some of them. And this one takes just a few minutes of foresight: simply find my reusable water bottle, fill it up with filtered H2O and bring it with me in the car.

3. Learn how to paint my own nails
Everyone is into nail art these days and here I am, unable to do even the most basic mani.

4. Try one new recipe a week
This one should be easy because I have a kitchen filled with cookbooks and a boyfriend who loves to tackle complicated dishes. I fall into the tried-and-true camp, though, and usually find myself making spaghetti for dinner. Next year maybe I won’t be so boring and I’ll be whipping up recipes from Smitten Kitchen in no time.

5. Find a better work/life balance
The hardest resolution of all. I tend to let work take over my life—mostly because I like what I do. But that’s not really the best way to treat yourself (or everyone else).