Creative Duos We Love Spill Their 2012 Resolutions

It’s official: We’re resolution obsessed over here at Madewell HQ and can’t stop asking interesting folks what their goals are for this year. Today’s bunch includes two hilarious comedians, some taste-making design spotters and our favorite mysterious style assessors: The Bumbys

DANIELLE & ALEX, comedic masterminds behind SRSLY

1. Hustle more!

I don’t mean like, on the streets. I mean to be quicker with the mundane tasks that inexplicably take me three times the time it should to complete. There I am, trying to make my bed, when I inevitably get sidetracked by my pores, or looking up new glasses frames online or trying to figure out who my favorite Olsen is (there are THREE now!!). Before you know it, an hour has gone by. Pick up the pace, Gibson!

2. Cut down Diet Coke intake to only two daily.

Look, we all have our vices. At my worst in 2011, I had up to four Diet Cokes a day. And that’s just the canned variety. Don’t even get me started on soda-fountain DC. Do I currently have aspartame flowing through my veins and carbonated organs? Yes. Do I have weird throat burps that never come out and can’t be attributed to any other liquid? Of course. I’m aware it’s terrible for me, and I plan on scaling back. So spare me the lecture, Mom(s)! It’s better than huffing fabric softener!

3. Hustle more.

Like, on the streets.


1. Stop using my boyfriend like a Grand Canyon burro.

At least once a week, I lure my boyfriend to my apartment under false pretenses. He thinks he’s there to pick me up for dinner, but really he’s there to pick up my 30 pounds of laundry and carry it up three
flights of stairs. He always does it, but it’s a recession and I should be more scrupulous with my withdrawals from the Bank of Chivalry. Or at least give him a nice apple and some brown sugar cubes as a reward.

2. Make meaningful eye contact with the people who make my coffee.

If some plaid-clad Brooklynite is going to take five minutes to draw a bunny hugging a kitten in latte froth for me, I can take a moment out of my busy tweet-crafting schedule to say hello, place my order, smile and tell them to have a nice day. In 2012, baristas are people too!

3. Fake my own disappearance for three months.

It sounds drastic, but pulling a Lovely Bones just seems like the only way to create enough time in my schedule for all the TV series I’ve been meaning to watch! When I come back, all my friends will be so happy I’m not dead, and I will finally know what’s so great about Timmy Riggins. Winning all around!

ERICA & CLAIRE, founders of limited-edition art-and-design-goods site OF A KIND


1. Eat more kale.
Ok, not kale, specifically, necessarily, but more leafy greens. And this amazing salad, this cozy stew and these chili-lime chips are going to help me achieve this goal, I just know it.

2. Watch a show that’s actually on television.
Last year, I consumed the entirety of Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and Friday Night Lights. And as fulfilling as it is to stay up until 2am with Logan Echolls, Jess Mariano and Tim Riggins, I should probably have seen Parenthood or American Horror Story by now.

3. Wash my hair less.
I finally found a hair stylist that I really like—Janet Waddell, who has a salon in NYC—and she told me I need to get into dry shampoo because I’m kind of a hair-washing addict. Suave makes a surprisingly effective and crazy-cheap one, and I’m going to use at least every other day in 2012. I swear.


1. Take my “needs to be tailored” pile of clothes to Silhouettes and Profiles.
I have all of these amazing pieces that my mom has saved since the ’80s and ’90s—Armani and Romeo Gigli—that I can’t believe I’m not wearing right now because they need to be hemmed or taken in.

2. Stop overwearing my contacts.
I actually got an ulcer on my cornea earlier this year from overwear—yeah, I didn’t know that could happen either. I just bought the Owens in chestnut from Warby Parker, so I’m halfway there already.

3. See more live theatre.
I used to work in the arts, so I got really spoiled by a steady stream of free tickets. I’ve been dying to see Venus in Fur since reading the New Yorker profile of the lead, Nina Arianda. I missed the most recent run, but it starts up again in February at the Lyceum, and this time I’ll be there.

JILL AND GILL BUMBY of incognito performance duo THE BUMBYS


1. Get up earlier in the morning and dance in my bedroom to Azealia Banks at least once a day.
2. Finally write my memoirs and stop dating dictators with bad communication skills.
3. Crash a Daphne Guinness party with a case of Zima.


1. Learn how to underwater touch-type with my scuba gear on.
2. Drink eight glasses of water a day (hopefully not while doing the above).

(The Bumbys’s right hand—their producer Viranda—even piped in for one resolution:
 Learn sign language so I can finally start communicating with these two crazies.)