One Quiet Office, Three Days of Loud Looks

by Michelle Villasenor & Alex Yeske (Madewell)

You know that lull in the office between Christmas and New Year’s? Well, fellow Madewell Web designer, Alex, and I decided to use the ghost town-ness to our advantage. Our standard day-to-day attire is pretty basic: jeans, a tee and a sweater—and mostly in the black/brown family. (We may get fancy by adding an accessory or two to the mix, but nothing too flashy.) So we decided to go for it and actually rock all the fanciful things we toy with wearing to work but never do. Check out our style adventure!


Alex (left) and me, in our usual relaxed palette.

Michelle (in the Denim Campsite Shirt and Film Noir Pumps): OK, I’ll admit it—this blog post was mostly dreamed up because I needed an excuse to wear this awesome sequined skirt to work.

Alex (in the Hollyberry Plaid Ex-Boyfriend Shirt and Archive Leather Boots): How festive is this outfit? Very party appropriate.

Alex (in the Outfield Sweater, Ideal Stretch Tank and Film Noir Pumps): I love seeing bright monochromatic outfits, so I wanted to take a stab at this trend with my coral pants.

Michelle (in the Silk Mosswood Shirt, High Riser Colorpop Jeans and Suede Sidewalk Skimmers): I have never seen so much color on my body at one time!

Alex (in the Campfire Cargo Shirt, Alexa Chung for Madewell Amelia Tee and Slowdance Skirt): I rarely wear skirts (let alone maxiskirts), so the twirling sensation was pretty amazing.

Michelle (in the Long-Sleeve Indigo Ink Tee): Yes! Finally able to rock my kimono—and it’s extra dramatic with this maxiskirt.