Wear This Movie: Pina (2012) by Wim Wenders

by Svetlana Legetic (D.C.)

As a good friend of mine always says, if a person doesn’t like director Wim Wenders, they’ve gotta be dead on the inside. (See Wings of Desire; Paris, Texas; Tokyo-Ga and Buena Vista Social Club for undeniable proof.) And with his latest feature, Pina (out now), Wenders has created probably the only movie I’ve ever been excited to see in 3-D.

An examination of acclaimed choreographer Pina Bausch (who, sadly, passed away during filming), the movie is a boisterous yet intimate look at the elegance of dance. Oh, and it totally makes you seriously crave the fluid looks the dancers sway around in.


First, focus on materials: lightweight jersey, silk—anything that breathes and lets your skin breathe.

Next, the shapes: long, flowy skirts and dresses; pleats meant to be twirled in; arms either exposed or covered in the most tissue-thin shrugs.

Body focus points: clavicle, feet (in the slightest of flats), a faint flash of leg.

Where to start: Silk Singalong Top, The Suede Sidewalk Skimmer and Dawnlight Silk Dress.