The Backstory: Our Rivet & Thread Heritage Denim Collection

Here’s the stitch-by-stitch lowdown on the major players in our brand-new, highly covetable Rivet & Thread Heritage Denim collection—inspired by the dusty highways and ghost towns our designers came across on an epic Wild West trip. (P.S. Check out our photos from the road at Refinery29, then see the ladies of FabSugar style themselves in the collection.)

1. Rivet & Thread Hayneedle Jeans
These slim and slouchy jeans come lovingly worn in with metal waist buttons for (you guessed it) a trusty pair of suspenders.

2. Rivet & Thread Popover
There’s a letter “M” stitched into the pocket of this shirt—it’s a small yet mighty detail that salutes our heritage.

3. Rivet & Thread Workjacket
Just like a utility jacket from back in the day—with the addition of decidedly modern sleeves.

4. Rivet & Thread Slim Selvedge Jeans
These slim-fit jeans with authentic selvedge seams come lovingly worn in—and just waiting for their next adventure.

5. Rivet & Thread Coveralls
Visions of railworkers, homesteaders and farmers gave rise to these weather-worn coveralls.

6. Rivet & Thread Workshirt
This inky indigo shirt has amazing vintage details—like a secret inside chest pocket.