How to Beat the Winter Blahs: Style Edition

Cold, hard fact: It’s pretty tough escaping these über-gloomy February vibes. But now that you’ve got some super-uplifting playlists and a tasty kitchen concoction, we thought we’d veer into the world of style. And who better to hip us to the ways of wearing your happy on your sleeve than eagle-eyed editor/blogger Marlien Rentmeester and exquisite In God We Trust designer Shana Tabor?

(P.S. Keep a look out—we’ve got cure-alls comin’ atcha all week long.)


Photo: Coliena Rentmeester

“The dead of winter is dreary—full stop. The onslaught of cold fronts, short days, little sunlight and lifeless trees can be a little much, no? And then there are the seasonal yet cumbersome grey and black layers we typically shroud ourselves in. But about that point: I’ve found that one very easy way to ward off the winter blues is simply to wear brighter clothing (which I actually posted about recently on my blog).

1. Silk Gatehouse Shirt 2. The Old Town Boot (shoe option 1) 3. [BlankNYC®] Skinny Jeans 4. The Film Noir Pump (shoe option 2) 5. Joylight Pocket Pullover

The key to pulling off these warm, springy shades is to offset them with darker colors so you still look season appropriate. It’s a good thing that the spring runways were awash in citrus brights, vivid neons and pretty pastels—and that all those pieces are trickling into stores now. I’m already integrating them into my winter wardrobe and feeling rather optimistic about the coming warmth. Above, my current favorite beat-the-winter-blues outfit.”

SHANA TABOR (In God We Trust)

“When it comes to the cold, cold months, I won’t deny that some retail therapy does the trick! On that note, here are five perfect pick-me-ups I highly recommend this wintry season.”

1., 3. TOCCA: “I recently discovered that one of my favorite designers, Emma Fletcher of Lyell, has started designing for TOCCA—and after a weekend trip to the store, I am officially cured (and a little more broke). The culprits? This beautiful coat and blouse.”

2. SANCERRE: “Wine is a stylish accessory, no? Plus, I’m the kind of girl who still totally enjoys white wine during the wintertime. The French-ier, the better.”

4. BRIGHT COLORS: “After years of wearing pretty much all black, I’m breaking free. Crazy colors, here we go! I’ve just finished working on the In God We Trust women’s fall ‘13 collection, which brightly reflects this new direction. Peep this brand new electric moto jacket. (Sorry, ladies—you’re gonna have to wait till next year for this one!)

5. DOWNTON ABBEY: “Um, if you haven’t started to watch this, go—now. No, I’ll wait. You back? Amazing, right? PBS, you’ve done it again. (Better with a glass of wine too.)