The Transformation of a Wardrobe Misfit, Part One

You know that one piece in your closet that you’ve had for years but never wear? Our genius stylist Lisa calls them wardrobe misfits—and she’s on a mission to get them out of hiding and into heavy rotation. Her first challenge? Our awesome freelancer (and blog contributor) Fiorella’s crazy-sleeved dress.

“I unearthed this early-1980s sparkly knit dress at a vintage store in Venice, Italy two years ago, and I’ve worn it exactly zero times since. I usually love me some serious sleeves but something about the severe ones on this dress have given me pause. Also, I want to be able to layer and accessorize it so it doesn’t get relegated to special-occasion wear.”

“A chambray shirt is the penicillin to any tricky piece. Heritage accessories make it cool for daytime.”

Lisa used all Madewell items, of course, to get this misfit into shape: Wayward Jean Shirt, Perfect Leather Belt, The Suede Sandstorm Boot.

Don’t you just love a happy ending? Fiorella, we hope to see you rocking this look ASAP.