The Wonders of SkyMall: 9 Amazing Must-Buys

by Elise Loehnen (Venice, CA)

Sure, everyone complains about the indignity of flying nowadays (ugh, full-body scans), but let’s not forget about that magical seat back pocket, which provides some of the best eye candy available in the friendly skies—specifically, in the form of the SkyMall catalog. I mean, what other publication offers a giant inflatable promotional gorilla, bleachers from Yankee Stadium, Frodo’s One Ring to Rule Them All and a wall-size crossword puzzle?

Here, the 9 things that tempt me every time.

1. Gold-Dipped Roses

There’s something really goth-fab about these guys. Like Michael Jackson fab. Not $799-a-bouquet fab, but I could see myself springing for a gold-dipped sprig or two.

2. The Spongester

I suppose I could use some stacked shelving in the general vicinity of my sink. Extra points for the totally unnecessary “evil sponge” vs. “good sponge” metal stamping.

3. Video Camera Pen

Say hello to the slyest writing utensil ever. In their words, this wunderpen is “perfect for collecting solid evidence that requires discretion.”

4. Digital Notepad

I may work at a tech company where everyone hauls laptops to meetings, but I still like the feel of a notepad—especially one that automatically digitizes and would eliminate the mountains of paper currently taking over my office.

5. Volt Rechargeable Heated Slippers

I got frostbite when I was 12 and my feet have been ultrasensitive ever since. I’ve taken every conceivable bit of sheepskin for a test-drive, but something with a built-in thermostat that offers “pulsing heat” sounds even better.

6. Bigfoot Garden Yeti

Much cooler than a “Beware of Dog” sign, no?

7. Wireless Road Mice Car Mouse

Sometimes I think my Apple mouse is a little boring. Just putting it out there.

8. Voice Activated R2-D2

Though this little guy isn’t a butler and he doesn’t do laundry, he can “dance while playing the famed cantina music” from Star Wars.

9. King Tut’s Egyptian Throw Chair or 16th Century Italian Armor Statue with Halberd

This one is a total toss-up. Both of these could easily transform your living room into an amazing (slash unnecessarily extravagant) space.