Cool French band alert: Théodore, Paul & Gabriel

Don’t be fooled by the band name—Paris-based group Théodore, Paul & Gabriel is actually made up of three music-obsessed ladies who not only write and play amazing tunes but just so happen to possess awesome personal style (just one look at their photo below and you’ll see their great Annie Hall–meets–David Bowie vibes).

So how did we find them? Our fabulous French pal Caroline de Maigret turned us on to their song “My Friend,” an awesome pop jam we used for the behind-the-scenes video we recently made in Paris. Check out the song, plus a très informatif Q&A with the band below.

The story behind your band name:

Théodore, Paul & Gabriel are the masculine versions of our names: Théodora, Pauline and Clémence Gabriel (we cheated a bit using Clémence’s last name). Because the music business is a very masculine world, we thought it’d be funny for people to expect to see three boys on stage and instead be surprised to find three girls. We also didn’t want to be labeled as a “girl band”—we wanted people to pay attention to our music.

Top five musical heroes:

Théodore: Mark Knopfler, Leonard Cohen, Bryan Ferry, Etienne Daho, Alphaville
Paul: Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Patti Smith, Thom Yorke, Arvo Pärt
Gabriel: John Lennon, Neil Young, Janis Joplin, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton

Favorite venue outside of Paris:

Théodore: The Acropolis (Athens)
Paul: Koko (London)
Gabriel: Bowery Ballroom (NYC)

Favorite place to eat after band practice:

Le Relais Gascon in Montmartre (6 rue des Abbesses, 18th arrondissement). They make huge salads with potatoes, eggs and smoked ham. No one is ever able to finish them, but they’re exquisite.

Favorite bridge:

Théodore: Pont Saint-Louis
Paul: Pont Alexandre III
Gabriel: Paul stole my idea, so I’ll say Le Pont Neuf.

Last book read:

Théodore: The Lessons by Naomi Alderman
Paul: The Humbling by Philip Roth
Gabriel: Tinkers by Paul Harding

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