A day in the life of a fashion photog

All smiles: twins Coliena and Marlien on set at a sunny swimwear shoot for British Glamour.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on a fashion shoot? Well, Lucky magazine’s West Coast editor (and LE CATCH blogger) Marlien Rentmeester recently trailed photographer Coliena Rentmeester (who also happens to be her twin sister!) on an editorial shoot for British Glamour—and we’ve got the full scoop. See how Marlien breaks it down, point by point.

1. Location: Two-story ranch house in Tarzana, CA (aka the valley). Coliena arrives wearing Madewell tassel loafers, a black sweater with a detachable collar, a faux fur jacket and slouchy black Madewell pants. The first order of the day? Coliena and British Glamour stylist Sophie Cooper sort through the clothing racks to review all possible outfit options, then decide where to shoot each one.

2. The racks were filled with colorful spring pieces from a range of designers like Proenza Schouler, Louis Vuitton, J.Crew and Orla Kiely.

3. Makeup artist Gregory Art gives Dutch model Mila de Witt a classic ’60s look with bold brown eyeliner and a subtle, almost nude lip.

4. Hairstylist David Cox parted Mila’s hair down the middle, pulled it back and teased it up to create a retro-looking hive.

5. First shot: 11am on the house’s balcony. Coliena steadies herself on the roof to get a better angle. (The places a fashion photographer will go to get the right shot!)

6. Mila in a retro-looking swimsuit and cardigan.

7. And later in Pepto pink, looking ravishingly cool.

And now for some on-set stats:

Call time: 8am
Brits vs. Americans: 2 vs. 12+
Variety of breakfast teas available: 6
Racks of clothing: 3
Pairs of shoe samples: 23
Number of trunks used to transport clothing from the UK to the US: 6
Model’s outfit changes: 5
Bags of potato chips consumed before lunch: 1.5
Tunes played: Jay-Z, Kanye West, LCD Soundsystem, Beirut, The Smiths
Number of classic films that inspired the shoot: 2 (Bonjour Tristesse and The Getaway)
Wrap time: 5pm