Hair how-to: The braid from our spring catalog

So you guys have been telling us how much you love these awesome tresses from our spring catalog but that you aren’t totally sure how to recreate the look. Well, fear not: We’ve enlisted our head stylist extraordinaire, Lisa, who was on set at the Paris shoot, to give us a step-by-step tutorial on how to make that pretty braid.

360-degree style: Marketing maven Lauren gets a braid makeover.

“Before you get started braiding, use a little hairspray so your hair isn’t too slippery. As you go along, be sure to keep the braid loose. Don’t worry about making it too perfect—the messier, the cuter, we say!”

“First, create a deep side part and start your French braid from there. Remember to keep it loose.”

“Continue the braid down the side of your hairline, being careful not to poach too much hair from the center region of your head.”

“Once you’ve rounded down to the nape of your neck, you can start incorporating the hair from the center of your hair into your braid. Make sure to save a section on the opposite side of your head to be braided later.”

“Once the nape of your neck is complete, you can start working your way up the opposite side.”

“Finish off with a standard braid, again keeping it loose.”

“Tie the end with a rubber band.”

“Tuck the end underneath the overlapping original braid and secure with a bobby pin. Go back and add texture by gently rubbing some breezy fly-away pieces into the braid. Don’t forget that you can redefine the shape of your braid with bobby pins when you’re finished.”

Voilà—braided bliss!