A label we love: Chimala®

Here’s why you’ll want to splurge on an undeniably cool piece from this cult denim label: Every style is expertly made in Japan using amazing high-quality fabrics that just get better over time.

Designer Noriko on the Denim Coverall Jacket she’s sporting: “It always takes a long time to get the worn-in wash just right.”

We caught up with Chimala® designer Noriko Machida and got the full scoop on her label and lifelong denim love. Check out what she had to say below.

Where does the name Chimala come from?

It’s the name of an imaginary mountain in the Himalayas, and it also means “beauty” in Native American.

How long does it take to develop your washes?

It really never ends! Every season, I come up with new washes and, each time, my factory has to make three to four changes until I give the OK.

How often do you wear denim on denim?

All the time—usually layered with striped tanks and chambray shirts.

What’s on heavy rotation at the Chimala studio?

Japanese pop singers or Brazilian bossa nova.

And there’s more where that came from. Get your Chimala® fix over at madewell.com.