Transforming a wardrobe misfit: part three

You know that one piece in your closet that you’ve had for years but never wear? Our genius stylist, Lisa, calls them wardrobe misfits—and she’s on a mission to get them out of hibernation and into regular rotation. Her third sartorial challenge? Our resident wordsmith Kendall’s hand-me-down red-tipped navy blazer.

“This is a vintage hand-me-down from my sister. Well, she didn’t really hand it to me—I begged her to let me have it. And yet, I’ve kept it hidden in my closet for about 15 years. (Sorry, sis!) I always want to bust it out, but I’m afraid of looking too preppy. Help!”

“I think the way Kendall remembers her cool big sister wearing this jacket in high school might have stunted its growth into her current working wardrobe. It’s cute but kind of dated. To update this preppy ’80s relic, we took the little-miss-perfect out of it and added some attitude with leopard flats and slouchy shorts.”

To get this wardrobe misfit to behave, Lisa styled it with the Party Favor Tee, Chimala® Utility Shorts, Farmland Pendant, Arrowstamp Skinny Belt and The Leopard-Print Sidewalk Skimmer.

We have a feeling Kendall’s sister may soon be demanding this blazer back once she gets a glimpse of this transformation…

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