Transforming a wardrobe misfit: part four

You know that piece you never, ever wear but also can never, ever get rid of no matter how much dust has settled on it? Our resident style whiz, Lisa, likes to call them wardrobe misfits. In this fourth episode of her quest to bring all those misfits center stage, the challenger—a bohemian vintage find—comes courtesy of Heather, one of our very favorite bloggers.

“Full disclosure: I’m prone to impulse buys that are pretty but often not functional. I found this cocoon top at a vintage store in Venice Beach, and it appealed to every beachy, bohemian fantasy I’ve ever had. But everything I’ve tried to wear it with feels frumpy—definitely not like the Carly Simon in Laurel Canyon vision I was hoping for. Help, please.”

“The top is certainly pretty, but it can quickly veer into costumey or hippy-dippy territory if taken at face value. Instead of enhancing the boho mood, I decided to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction by adding a serious dose of tomboy denim. Maybe this is what Joni Mitchell had in mind when she called her album Blue.”

Obviously, Lisa used Madewell items to get Heather’s wardrobe misfit in line: Denim Campsite Shirt, Skinny Skinny Jeans in Western Wash and The Peep-Toe Platform.

Carly Simon, eat your heart out.

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