She put our tees to the test…

Color story: Visual maven Melissa looks right at home in our V-Neck Pocket Tee rainbow, doesn’t she?

’Member when we took our Sidewalk Skimmers for a spin around town? Well, we couldn’t think of a better person to do the same with our beloved V-Neck Pocket Tee than visual guru (and tee aficionada) Melissa! Check out where she went.

“Walking my little rascals Ann and Penny. I knew royal blue would be a nice contrast to the greenery!”

“When I’m in the store styling, red’s a great color—everyone can easily find me if they need me!”

“Orange you glad you’re at Madewell HQ? Sorry, I was trying to make a funny joke, but I don’t know if it worked.”

“I call this dramatic pose Gossiping at a Mexican Restaurant. Yes, these tees are good for that too!”