Green it up: Organic chamomile cleanser

by Brittany Weinstein (LA)

It’s official: I have finally boarded the “go green” beauty bandwagon. Though there are some old-school products I simply will not part with (La Mer eye cream is the best ever), I’ve slowly been replacing the old with newer, eco-friendlier versions. This week I used up the last of a not-so-green facial cleanser and replaced it with one from Alicia Silverstone’s natural—and naturally vegan—skin-care line for Juice Beauty. And—drum roll, please—it seems Alicia isn’t clueless when it comes to greening it up. Chock-full of organic ingredients like aloe, white tea leaf and lemon peel, this chamomile-scented cleanser smells as good as it feels. My towel is makeup free after I dry off (translation: it works), my skin is so fresh and clean and I am one step closer to a chemical-free existence.