Nailspiration: The Great Gatsby moon manicure

by Sarah Z. Wexler (Portland)

I’ve been obsessively watching the trailer for the new Great Gatsby movie, and it’s inspired me to bring out some roaring ’20s style—namely drop-waist dresses and moon manicures. What’s a moon manicure, you ask? Well, back in the ’20s and ’30s, when fashionable ladies painted their nails, they left the moon part natural. So I figured metallic would be a cool modern update. Here’s how to do it yourself:

1. Paint on a clear base coat, then paint the whole nail with two coats of the color of your choice (I picked black).

2. Once completely dry, take a paper-hole reinforcement sticker and cut it in half to make a moon shape.

3. Stick one above the center of each cuticle, then apply two coats of metallic-silver polish.

4. Once completely dry, peel off the sticker and apply a super-thin layer of topcoat to smooth the ridge where the colors meet.

Voilà: You’ll find yourself feeling like a regular Daisy Buchanan.