5 ways to nail it: Tips from an expert manicurist

by Brittany Weinstein (LA)

I’m very particular when it comes to my nails (to say the least). And lately, those high standards have meant a more environmentally conscious approach to nail care—an approach that Jenna Hipp, the beauty industry’s foremost “green” manicurist, definitely abides by. In fact, Jenna recently released a (totally genius) line of polishes with eco-friendly brand RGB called HIPPxRGB that’s like foundation and blush for nails: four nude hues and several glossy tints that help nails look happier and healthier. Below, she shares some of her nail wisdom.



1. Mismatch your fingers and toes: “One of my favorite color combinations is nude fingernails and a matte navy polish on toes: it’s chic, slick and classic. Or try a fun color like bright neon orange on toes and a neutral tone on fingers (it gives the illusion of being super tan!).”


2. Keep it green: “The more attention we can bring to toxic chemicals in beauty products, the better. (I switched over to all-green products after experiencing nosebleeds, headaches and dizziness!) What you can do is know your ingredients: Don’t just trust a label that claims to be organic or green. (Safecosmetics.org is a good place to start).


3. Banish yellow nails: “Yellowing is very common and can come from something as minor as not using a base coat (since polish can stain). An at-home remedy I like to use is to mix baking soda with lemon juice, scrub it on with a toothbrush, then dip nails in hydrogen peroxide diluted with water.”


4. Prevent dullness: “The best way to prevent your color from dulling is to use a UV topcoat over your manicure. If you don’t have one, try a metallic or glitter polish instead: It’ll reflect light and make a week-old manicure look brand new.”


5. Moisturize from the inside out: “Healthy, moisturized hands and cuticles make the best canvas for nails. If you notice you have extra-dry or chapped hands, (besides getting your daily eight glasses of water) try incorporating fish oil and vitamin E into your daily regimen.”