118 miles to Montauk, NY (by bike!)

by Lauren Romo (Madewell)

When a friend of mine suggested we bike from New York City to Montauk for her birthday, my jaw basically dropped to the floor. Bike? For 118 miles? In 12 hours or less? Never one to pass on an adventure though, I agreed to join the birthday bike gang.

Besides our wheels, we could only lug what fit in a backpack (which was difficult for girls like us who like many clothing options). We cut the trip into 25-mile legs, stopping to stretch, rest, hydrate and, of course, lunch at roadside lobster shacks.

There was definitely a lot of laughing and singing to pass the time, but also five flat tires, two dead cell phones, two road kill encounters and five sore bodies (those hills!). But at the end, there was one very important thing we all did: Scrawl a big ol’ check off our bucket lists.