Bag dispatch: Our very favorite totes

by Kari Molvar (Brooklyn)

Even though the Madewell Illustrated Stateside Tote has been my trusty companion since I first set eyes on it, that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t found other cloth carryalls to obsess over too. Take Alphabet Bags, for instance: Designed by a British husband and wife duo, these totes feature retro letterpress ABCs in slightly faded, very cool styles. Another favorite? The oversized market totes from Toronto-based housewares line The New Domestic, which feature great geometric and stripy prints (and enough room to fit tons of groceries). For fellow romantics, LA accessories brand’s red and white Heart Tote is simple and sweet (don’t miss the removable heart pin on the strap). And finally, in anticipation of all the epic tomes you may be reading this fall, Atlanta designer Pamela Fugate’s “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie” tote pretty much says it all.