Travel Dispatch: Folegandros, Greece

When our stylist extraordinaire Christina revealed to us her lifelong goal—to visit all 200+ habitable Greek islands—we knew she’d be an amazing resource for travel tips (hey, we’re practical ladies!). So on her most recent trip to Greece, this time to the tiny island of Folegandros, she made sure to take notes. Here are her top three tips for a rich weekend on the island:

1. Rent a scooter: It’s the best way to discover the coves and beaches (where cars are prohibited!).

2. Take a long walk up the main hill to look across the Aegean Sea. On a clear day, you can see several neighboring islands, like the famous Santorini.

3. Be sure to enjoy the fresh fish, vegetables and local cheese. (And a handy restaurant tip: “Cheers” in Greek is sthn ygia sou [pronounced stin-eeyah-su].)