Our Top 5 Page-turners for Fall

by Sarah Wexler (Brooklyn)

Forget holiday season—for bibliophiles, fall is the most wonderful time of the year. Why? Because it’s when the best new books come out. Here are the five titles we have at the top of our lists this autumn:

1. This Is How You Lose Her, by Junot Diaz (Riverhead Hardcover, September 11) 
Why read another tale of heartbreak? Diaz’s writing is as powerful as love itself. Exhibit A: “The half-life of love is forever.”

2. Hidden America, by Jeanne Marie Laskas (Putnam, September 13)
This nonfiction collection profiles the people behind the scenes who make America work, from air traffic controllers to migrant farmworkers. Laskas gets down and dirty with her subjects (often literally, like following coal miners hundreds of feet underground).

3. Joseph Anton: A Memoir, by Salman Rushdie (Random House, September 18)
Due to the controversial nature of his previous works, Rushdie assumed the name Joseph Anton during the nine years he spent in hiding (and in constant fear for his life). We can’t wait to hear this story from the man himself.

4. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, by Deb Perelman (Knopf, October 30)
We’ve never made a dessert from the award-winning Smitten Kitchen blog that wasn’t truly amazing (those chocolate-toffee cookies make life worth living).

5. We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy, by Yael Kohen (Sarah Crichton Books/MacMillan, October 16)
This oral history begins in the 1950s, tracing the evolution of female comics from Joan Rivers to Mary Tyler Moore to Tina Fey and everyone in between.