Interior inspiration from a Dutch houseboat

Take a glance at our Amsterdam shoot on and you’ll notice—in addition to supercool Dutch blogger Sabrina Meijer—the amazing interior decor of the houseboat, as shot by Todd Selby. So naturally, we asked our visual team for tips on how to recreate a fun Dutch feel in our own homes. Check out their insider advice below.

1. Notice the palm tree wallpaper? Highlighting a single wall with a unique print is the quickest way to add visual character to a room.

2. Winter’s the perfect time to look for dried plants and fruits—they make festive additions to banisters or windowsills.

3. Who says books should always sit upright? Piling them on top of each other adds great dimension (not to mention a nice literary air).

4. You don’t need expensive art to make a room feel elegant. Flea-market finds like black-and-white photographs and vintage masks can be clustered together to add a sophisticated touch.

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