A Band Tour of Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Photos by Olivia Malone.

From the Go-Go’s to Bikini Kill, The Pointer Sisters to Sleater-Kinney (and, in turn, Wild Flag), we love us an all-girl band. Add to our already healthy roster of women-only bands who rock the Brooklyn-based group Bad Girlfriend. Besides their name, which we think, it should be said, is pretty awesome, we can also get behind the cheery garage-punk tunes they are churning out. Not to mention they happen to be big fans of, well, us—check out how killer they all look on stage in our Veda x Madewell leather jackets.

Yup, these are Veda x Madewell denim and leather jackets—they drop Jan. 29, so keep a lookout. 

Since the girls spend the majority of their time working (and playing) in their Williamsburg neighborhood, we asked them to share some of their favorite local haunts.

Favorite Tattoo Parlor
Flyrite Tattoo
492 Metropolitan Ave.

Favorite Music Venue:
289 Kent Ave.

Favorite Vintage Store:
Stella Dallas
285 N. 6th St.
Favorite Diner:
Champs (vegan diner)
176 Ainslie St.
Favorite Record Store:
Academy Record Annex
96 N. 6th St.
Favorite Bookstore:
Spoonbill & Sugartown
218 Bedford Ave.

Favorite Juice Bar:
Lodge General Store
318 Grand St.
Favorite Sweet Treat Spot:
Momofuku Milk Bar
382 Metropolitan Ave.

Favorite Restaurant:
La Superior
295 Berry St.
Favorite Brunch Spot:
Cafe Mogador
133 Wythe Ave.