Denim School: How to Keep Your Blues, Well, Blue

Welcome to our very first installment of denim school, wherein we offer a lesson in all things denim-related and pick the blue jean–filled brains of some of our resident experts for answers to all your pressing denim questions. So, without further ado, denim school is officially in session.


Lesson 1: How to wash your blues so they don’t lose their blue.

According to Madewell denim designer Tonya Wilson, the solution lies in your pantry. Her detergent of choice? Vinegar. Yup, that’s right. “Wash your jeans with roughly a cup of household white vinegar instead of regular detergent to really help prevent color loss,” she says. So we already know the question on your mind: Will your jeans smell, er, salady? Nope, not at all. According to Wilson, there will be no errant vinegar smell left behind. Phew.