Labels We Love: Whit

We’re longtime fans of Brooklyn label Whit, led by ever-charming designer Whitney Pozgay (she of the signature top knot and coral lip). Her new collection—full of feminine silhouettes and whimsical prints—is so perfect for the season, we decided to pick her brain about all things spring.


10 Ways Whit Thinks Spring:

1. What’s your dream destination for a spring break?

I have always wanted to go to Indonesia. This April, we are finally headed to Bali. We’re going to scour the island for inspiration for our Spring 2014 collection. There’s so much to explore, from spending time with the craftsmen who produce amazing traditional textiles, to hiking to the terraced rice fields, volcanoes and temples, to experiencing the rich culture during the colorful religious ceremonies that will be taking place while we’re there.

2. Spring-cleaning strategy?

I take everything out of the closet and donate what I haven’t worn in a year. (In theory that is…I have a hard time letting go of some things, especially vintage.) Then I organize by item and color. It looks really beautiful for about a week or two. If I could only figure out how to keep it that way!

3. Spring produce of choice? 

I love strawberries on everything, especially arugula with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar.

4. Music that sets the mood for spring?

Go Outside by Cults
The Banana Boat Song by Harry 
Anything by The Beach Boys
Itchycoo Park by Small Faces
Cleo’s Mood by Jr. Walker and the All Stars
Dance Yourself Clean by LCD Soundsystem

5. Cultural event?

My husband is from New Orleans and we’re hoping to make it down to the Jazz Fest this year. Fleetwood Mac and The Black Keys are playing in the same weekend and the food is off the charts.

6. Spring nail polish shade?

“Butler Please” from Essie is the best bright blue for toes! It’s really saturated and looks rad with a tan. 

7. Spring fragrance? 

I’m obsessed with Bobbi Brown Beach. It smells like sunscreen. I wear it year-round. 

8. Spring flowers? 

I love bright pink ranunculus for entertaining, but I am a sucker for white daisies. We keep them in the kitchen all through spring. They make any room feel brighter.

9. Quintessential hue? 

Pinky corals are my favorite for spring. They look great on everyone.

10. Outdoor activity?

Pro Kadima in the green grass.