A Madewell Girl We Love: Emma Louise

When the Brisbane-based singer stopped by our store in Austin during SXSW to play a few tracks off her just-released album Vs Head Vs Heart, we were floored. It’s one thing to write music that has celestial qualities to it, but crafting a song that truly sounds like a dream? That’s where Emma Louise excels.

imagePhoto by Chelsea Fullerton of Go Forth Creative

We interrupted Emma’s jam-packed touring schedule to get in her head about stage clothes, favorite tunes and even accidental road trip keepsakes.

How would you describe your sound? 

It’s always hard to describe my sound. But, to describe my songs in a fashionable way, they are heartfelt songs wrapped up in detailed power suits or metallic frilled dresses.  

Who are your favorite musicians or bands?

I really like Björk, Ane Brun and Massive Attack at the moment. Definitely check out Seekae too—they’re an awesome electronic band that has sweet melodies with perfect sounds.


What do you like to wear onstage? 

I am always changing my mind, but at the moment I seem to be wearing tights and jackets. I got a new haircut that makes me feel a bit manly, so I’m kind of manning it up a bit. Girl-man chic.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

A big band cuddle and a few deep breaths. And afterward, I always try to go somewhere quiet to settle down.

Do you collect anything on the road?

Not really. I always seem to collect flight tickets in the bottom of my bag.

What would you be doing if you weren’t traveling the world playing music?  

I’d probably work with animals or be a hairdresser or makeup artist. I’m pretty glad I’m doing music, because I didn’t really click with anything else.