A Summertime Mega Mix, Just for You

Long days basking in the sun, joy rides with friends, parties by the pool and epic surfing trips—summer fun requires a cute bathing suit and, of course, prime tunes. So score some swimwear here and fully immerse yourself in the summertime groove with our top-10 songs of everyone’s favorite season. (The videos are quite something too).


1. “Keep You,” Wild Belle (check out our interview with them)

2. “Real Estate,” Beach Comber

3. “Wavves,” King of the Beach

4. “Black Lips,” Bad Kids

5. “MGMT,” Siberian Breaks

6. “Summer Heart,” I Wanna Go

7. “Eddie Cochran,” Summertime Blues

8. “Surfer Blood,” Floating Vibes

9. “Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear,” Doin’ It Right

10. “Brigitte Bardot,” Mister Sun

11. “The Beach Boys,” Fun Fun Fun