Read All About It: A Noteworthy Newsstand


We love things that are a little unexpected—speakeasies, hidden beaches, skorts—so here’s an of-the-moment cultural happening that caught our eye…in the depths of the subway, of all places. New Yorkers (and visitors to our fine city), next time you’re passing through the turnstiles at the Metropolitan Avenue stop for the L or G train in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, check out The Newsstand. It looks like your typical transit station newsstand that would sell newspapers, candy and soda, but it’s actually filled with a curated selection of indie magazines, photography and amazingly cool curiosities produced by artists, publishers and bookstores.


The brainchild of Lele Saveri, organizer of the 8-Ball Zine Fair, and Kevin Kearney and Jamie Falkowski of ALLDAYEVERYDAY creative agency, the pop-up space is ever-changing—one day you might find a book signing, the next a poetry reading or live artist drawings in progress. There’s also a converted vending machine that dispenses zines for a buck, and a listening station for vinyl, cassette tapes and CDs. Guest “clerks”—everyone from photographer Jason Nocito to designer-illustrator Jack Greer—man the newsstand on select days, and in case you were actually looking for a snack, there’s a small stash of McClure potato chips, gum and small bites too. Totally worth your $2.50 swipe.


The Newsstand is open through August, Monday–Friday from 10am to 9pm and Saturday–Sunday from 12pm to 7pm;